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  • This website has been online since June 2008 and needs your support to grow into the Weedmark Family genealogy research tool we envision.
  • Weedmark Family History is a privately run website that does not rely on advertising to support the cost of providing this website. All costs associated with providing this site are borne soley by Bev and Dave Alexander and we would really like all information, media and material to remain free for all to use.
  • Weedmark Family History is a two person operation. Upgrading and maintaining this site is very expensive. Your donations would help the site to grow and expand, thus making your searching much easier and more productive.
  • Weedmark Family History is free to use and always will be.

We appreciate all the support and encouragement users of Weedmark Family History continue to give us each day. Thank you!

Bev and Dave Alexander


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