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 Cemeteries and Headstones in Montague Township, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Benjamin Copeland
Benjamin Copeland
Located    Benjamin Copeland (d. About 1845)

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Andrew George Burrows and Minnie A. K. Good
Andrew George Burrows and Minnie A. K. Good
Located    Andrew George Burrows (d. 1972)
Amy Kathleen "Minnie" Good (d. 2001)
Doris M. Burrows
Doris M. Burrows
Located    Doris M. Burrows (d. 5 Sept 1999)
Duncan McVean and Ann <em>McPherson</em> McVean
Duncan McVean and Ann McPherson McVean
Located    Ann McPherson (d. 7 Dec 1887)
Duncan McVean (d. 19 Feb 1866)
James McVean and Anne <em>Campbell</em> McVean
James McVean and Anne Campbell McVean
Located    Anne Campbell (d. 17 Mar 1908)
James McVean (d. 6 Jan 1902)
Jane <em>Fitzgerald</em> Burrows<br />Mary Burrows<br/ >Eliza Burrows<br />Robert Burrows
Jane Fitzgerald Burrows
Mary Burrows
Eliza Burrows
Robert Burrows

Located    Eliza Burrows
Mary Jane Burrows
Jane Fitzgerald (d. 24 Feb 1916)
John McVean
John McVean
Located    John McVean (d. 4 Dec 1875)
Mary McVean<br />
Mary J. McMichael (wife of Howard McVean)
Mary McVean
Mary J. McMichael (wife of Howard McVean)

Rear side of brother James McVean and his wife Ann Campbell 
Located    Mary Jane McMichael (d. 7 Jul 1922)
Mary McVean (d. 1926)
Roy Weedmark
Roy Weedmark
Roy's headstone has a birthdate of 1892, however both the 1901 and 1911 Census for Montague Township list his birth date as Jan 22, 1895 
Located    Roy Weedmark (d. 5 Apr 1980)
Thomas Burrows<br />
Margaret Ann Burrows
Thomas Burrows
Margaret Ann Burrows

Located    Margaret A. Unknown (d. 1955)
Thomas Burrows (d. 1932)
William John Burrows and Doris M. Hignett<br />Thelma Burrows
William John Burrows and Doris M. Hignett
Thelma Burrows

Located    Thelma Burrows (d. 1953)
William John Burrows (d. 1951)
Doris Maud Hignett (d. 1953)


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