Ireland, United Kingdom


Country : Latitude: 53.41291, Longitude: -8.24389


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Isabella  Abt 1801Ireland, United Kingdom P-798806631
2 Bailey, James  1805Ireland, United Kingdom P-344971877
3 Brownlee, James  Mar 1820Ireland, United Kingdom P-817797427
4 Corrigan, Thomas  Abt 1797Ireland, United Kingdom P-798807165
5 Doyle, Johanna  1824Ireland, United Kingdom P-344970817
6 Graham, Mary Ann  Abt 1811Ireland, United Kingdom P-1034390650
7 Hamilton, Ann  1 Mar 1836Ireland, United Kingdom P-1198982985
8 Hamilton, John  Ireland, United Kingdom P-387800520
9 Heigeman, Alex  Ireland, United Kingdom P-305359687
10 Hill, Margaret  1824Ireland, United Kingdom P-817797154
11 Leach, Mary  Ireland, United Kingdom P-374314039
12 Lee, Robert  Abt 1809Ireland, United Kingdom P-147344425
13 McGonegal, John  Abt 1812Ireland, United Kingdom P-1034390888
14 McMillan, Joseph  Abt 1831Ireland, United Kingdom P-866334821
15 Meagher, John Thomas  1848Ireland, United Kingdom P-1241061559
16 Moffatt, Eleanor  1818Ireland, United Kingdom P-987456339
17 Monaghan, Arthur  Abt 1803Ireland, United Kingdom P-318727670
18 Moore, Stephen  Abt 1776Ireland, United Kingdom P-270076584
19 Moore, Stephen  Abt 1814Ireland, United Kingdom P-1346600472
20 Neelin, Margaret  Abt 1830Ireland, United Kingdom P-1325180450
21 O'Keff, Ellen  9 Nov 1828Ireland, United Kingdom P-998155425
22 O'Neill, Patrick  Ireland, United Kingdom P-1118261052
23 Percival, Walter  1 Mar 1814Ireland, United Kingdom P-1040727537
24 Pettigrew, George  1835Ireland, United Kingdom P-439311144
25 Plunkett, Jane  Ireland, United Kingdom P-387800091
26 Rose, Leonard  Ireland, United Kingdom P-819973425
27 Ryan, Jane  Abt 1828Ireland, United Kingdom P-848823017
28 Sadler, George  May 1829Ireland, United Kingdom P-1198983119
29 Scott, William  Abt 1814Ireland, United Kingdom P-164854323
30 Styles, Robert  1828Ireland, United Kingdom P-1104202187
31 Weedmark, Hannah  Abt 1817Ireland, United Kingdom P-1325126272
32 Wilson, Andrew  Jun 1816Ireland, United Kingdom P-1079319163
33 Wynn, Catherine  Ireland, United Kingdom P-354132052
34 Wynn, James  Ireland, United Kingdom P-354132872
35 Wynn, Thomas  Abt 1836Ireland, United Kingdom P-754461529