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101  Source (S340866886)
102  Source (S381587208)
103  Source (S381663694)
104  Source (S381666063)
105  Source (S382113047)
106  Source (S432478687)
107  Source (S438259298)
108  Source (S531688190)
109  Source (S680356093)
110  Source (S694368855)
111  Source (S709789129)
112  Source (S1106178038)
113  Source (S1236876846)
114 "Polly Copeland, aged 102 years, died at the residence of Fred Weidmark in Montague, on July 4th." - The Daily British Whig (Kingston), July 14, 1894, page 2. Quinn, Mary "Polly" (P-1116486432)
115 "A Good Man who will be greatly missed by many" 
Weedmark, Frederick Robert (P-957865817)
116 1817 Census 
DeLorge, Susannah Anna (P-1346611543)
117 1817 Census 
Weedmark, Frederick Alfred (P-1346614660)
118 1817 Census 
Fraser, James Williams (I0560)
119 1817 Census 
Weedmark, Frederick Alfred (P-1346614660)
120 1861 Census 
Sparrow, Elizabeth (P-1133226602)
121 26 Mar 2014 - Name change from McCue to McHugh.

Death certificate for daughter Ellen Monaghan lists mother's maiden name as McHugh born in Ireland.

Death certificate for son Arthur has mother's maiden name as Rose MacQue born in Ireland.

McHugh is the more likely Irish name. 
Family: Arthur Monaghan / Rosanna McHugh (F928)
122 2nd Marriage For Evelyn 
Whitehead, Evelyn Adelle (P-728258413)
123 2nd Marriage...Philemon & Nancy 
Weedmark, Philemon (P-1346611542)
124 33 Old Sackville Rd.
Lower Sackville, NS B4C 2J5
Tel 902-865-6663
Fax 902-865-8916 
Source (S-1065797972)
125 99th Birthday 
McKaig, Hugh (P-147198557)
126 99th Birthday 
Copeland, Jane (P-147199101)
127 A Query 
Weedmark, Gertrude May (P-1268533195)
128 A Shocking Affair - Horatio Nelson??? 
Weedmark, Horatio Nelson (P-1325182977)
129 Abigail Beattie Wilson 
Beattie, Abigail (I0383)
130 About Beachburg 
Weedmark, Darwin William (P-1330206011)
131 About Beachburg 
Weedmark, William Ambrose (P-1348290187)
132 Abraham, Mary Ann (Weedmark) & Evelyn Bertha McFadden 
McFadden, Evelyn Bertha (P-1089265301)
133 Abraham, Mary Ann (Weedmark) & Evelyn Bertha McFadden 
McFadden, Abraham (P-1300025582)
134 Abraham, Mary Ann (Weedmark) & Evelyn Bertha McFadden 
Weedmark, Mary Ann (P-1325264566)
135 According to records uncovered at the Anglican Church Archives in Kingston, Ontario by Lloyd Westbrook, Frederick was buried in Chester's B.G. (Burial Ground) in a ceremony officiated by William Roberts. We have not found any reference since to the existence of this burial ground and it may very well be another name for McGuigan's Cemetery.

McGuigan's Cemetery is located on Concession B, Lot 3 of Wolford Township, Grenville County on land once owned by and named after Miles McGuigan. In county maps dated 1880, a Mrs. Chester is listed as the owner of this lot, hence the possible mistaken name for McGuigan's Cemetery.

In July 2014, we visited the Archives ourselves to see if there were any other burials in Chester's Burial Ground officiated by William Roberts which we could match up with known burials in McGuigan's Cemetery. During the period 1864 - 1925 there are no burials in McGuigan's Cemetery within the Merrickville Anglican Parish records and Frederick appears to be the only burial in Chester's Burial Ground during this period. McGuigan's Cemetery was in use from the early 1800's until its closing in the late 1890's. Frederick's first wife Phoebe Chester was buried in McGuigan's after her death in 1863, so it is probable given the records eluding to Chester's B.G. and the fact that McGuigan's Cemetery was on Mrs. Chester's property in the late 1800's that Frederick is buried here as well with Phoebe.

Weedmark, Frederick (P-1348229933)
136 Ada Bell Briscoe 
Brisco, Ada Bell (I1011)
137 Adeline & Robert...Marriage 
Weedmark, Adeline (P-1325250075)
138 Allen Thibeault & Eva A. Weedmark 
Thibeault, Allen Edgar (P-1318391680)
139 Allen Thibeault & Eva A. Weedmark 
Weedmark, Alice Eva (P-1348017762)
140 Ancestry World Tree Project 
Williamson, Levi Leander (P-1075802865)
141 Ancestry World Tree Project 
Weedmark, Louina Drusilla (P-1075806165)
142 Archie and his Steam Engine 
Weedmark, Archibald Gillen (P-1348293933)
143 Archie and his Steam Engines 
Weedmark, Archibald Gillen (P-1348293933)
144 Arnold Weedmark & Gladys Peever 
Peever, Gladys Mildred (P-1325103096)
145 Arnold Weedmark & Gladys Peever 
Weedmark, Thomas Arnold (P-1348017769)
146 Arthur Weedmark & Ula Price 
Price, Ula Vivian (P-1211957566)
147 Arthur Weedmark & Ula Price 
Weedmark, Arthur Leslie (P-1274724467)
148 Aucoin/Leblanc Family Tree 
Aucoin, Samuel (P-1236364672)
149 Aucoin/Leblanc Family Tree 
Burns, Adele (I0371)
150 Baptism 
Price, Kathleen Catherine (P-1139504087)

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