Province/State : Latitude: 51.253775, Longitude: -85.3232139


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Ethel  July 1903Ontario I0068
2 Anderson, John  August 1909Ontario I0070
3 Anderson, Martha  March 1906Ontario I0069
4 Anderson, Mary  April 1896Ontario I0066
5 Anderson, Minnie  September 1900Ontario I0067
6 Anderson, Nellie  May 1894Ontario I0065
7 Baldwin, Baby  June 1911Ontario I0470
8 Barber, Elmer  1904Ontario I1747
9 Bennet, Elizabeth Jane  1845Ontario P-110791002
10 Berger, Christie  1892Ontario I0441
11 Berger, Emma  1883Ontario I0436
12 Berger, Frank  1886Ontario I0438
13 Berger, George W  February 1904Ontario I0445
14 Berger, Lylia  March 1910Ontario I0448
15 Berger, Minnie A  June 1905Ontario I0446
16 Berger, Myrtle  December 1907Ontario I0447
17 Berger, Thomas  1898Ontario I0443
18 Bigford, Edith  1888Ontario P-372118171
19 Bigford, Minnie  October 1901Ontario P-275004438
20 Brownlee, Lydia  Abt 1871Ontario P-746825852
21 Bulmer, George  Sep 1907Ontario P-1070932432
22 Bulmer, Jennie R.  1900Ontario P-867385538
23 Burrows, Hazel B  March 1909Ontario P-3412008
24 Butler, Arthur  1891Ontario P-92732377
25 Butler, Essie  1894Ontario P-92732376
26 Butler, Lawrence  1882Ontario P-92732382
27 Butler, Paulina  1889Ontario P-92732380
28 Butler, Sarah  1850Ontario P-92732386
29 Butler, Wm John  1881Ontario P-92732384
30 Canlin, Susin B  Abt 1888Ontario I0377
31 Canlin, Thomas F  Abt 1890Ontario I0378
32 Canlin, Wesley  Abt 1886Ontario I0376
33 Cartland, John  Abt 1858Ontario P-22484620
34 Cavanagh, Catharine Ann  Abt 1878Ontario I0360
35 Cavanagh, George L  Abt 1873Ontario I0358
36 Cavanagh, James Irwin  Abt 1869Ontario I0357
37 Cavanagh, John Andrew  Abt 1861Ontario I0355
38 Cavanagh, Lemuel W  Abt 1886Ontario I0362
39 Cavanagh, Mary Ellen  Abt 1875Ontario I0359
40 Cavanagh, Robert E  Abt 1881Ontario I0361
41 Cavanagh, Thomas H  Abt 1865Ontario I0356
42 Chester, Carl  1884Ontario P-189448459
43 Chester, Margaret P  Abt 1888Ontario P-154646600
44 Chester, Mary L  Abt 1873Ontario P-189341661
45 Chester, Sarah  Abt 1876Ontario P-189341656
46 Chester, Stanley  Abt 1886Ontario P-189341650
47 Chester, Thomas  1892Ontario P-154645206
48 Chester, William J  Abt 1890Ontario P-154646597
49 Condie, Ella  27 May 1887Ontario P-929979504
50 Condie, George  1896Ontario P-844049701

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Dillabough, Louise Theresa (Tressa)  1911Ontario P-1233626212
2 Moore, Nemmie Jane  1911Ontario P-1324415851
3 Trick, Edna Jean  1911Ontario P-1325103097
4 Weedmark, Ena Mayme Frances  1911Ontario P-1199983905
5 Weedmark, Mervin Ross  1911Ontario P-1218039415
6 Weedmark, Mervin Ross  1911Ontario P-1218039415