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Philemon Weedmark


Born in Upper Canada, most likely in Marlborough Township in 1814, Philemon is the oldest of Frederick and Susannah's eight children. He is on a number of census' for Marlborough Township, beginning with the 1817 Census and ending with the 1852 Census after which he and his first wife Hannah, left Marlborough and moved to Harwich Township, Kent County, Ontario, Canada. Philemon and Hannah are enumerated on the 1861 and 1871 Census of Harwich Township where he is listed as a farmer. One could speculate that Philemon left the area to seek out greener pastures, as did a number of early residents of Marlborough and Montague townships who relocated to more fertile areas of the province or to the western provinces. Farming in some parts of Marlborough and most of Montague Township was marginal at best due to the thin layer of tillable soil and the rocky terrain throughout.
Hannah, Philemons first wife died on 3 Feb 1877 and is buried at Newcombe Cemetery in Harwich Township, but there is no sign of Philemon, even though he is mentioned on her headstone.
After Hannah's death, according to Marriage Records, Philemon re-married to Nancy Barnes Phillips and shortly thereafter moved to Camden Township and is listed on the 1881 Census records. Found on the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid website, a Nancy A. Barnes is buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery in Chatham, Kent County, Ontario, Canada. It may be that Philemon was buried alongside Nancy, but to date they have not been found and this may not be the same Nancy Barnes Phillips. Interestingly Philemon is listed as being of German descent on the 1881 Census, however errors on early census records were not uncommon and as such, the 1891 Census for the town of Dresden, a short distance from Camden, lists a Philemon Weedmark as being 65 years of age. Obviously this is either an error on the part of the enumerators, an error on the part of Philemon (He would be abt 77 years old at the time of this census), or this is not the same Philemon Weedmark. Philemon does not show up on any further census records and as such may have died sometime after 1891. As with his father and mother and a number of his siblings, there is no known headstone for Philemon and with the absence of a death record, it is hard to pinpoint an accurate death date. Philemon and Hannah had no children and as such information about them was not handed down from generation to generation as may have been the case with some of his siblings.

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