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William Ambrose Weedmark Family Photo
William Ambrose Weedmark family photo (c.1902),
Beachburg, Ontario, Canada


Welcome to the Weedmark Family History. This site is a collection of historical data that is continually evolving thanks to the help of family and friends and has been created with the hope of preserving the memories of our ancestors. Most if not all Weedmarks present in North America today are direct descendents of Frederick Alfred Weedmark and Susannah Delorge Fraser.

Much of the information contained in this site to date has been researched and sourced by Bev Weedmark Alexander and husband Dave with the help of fellow researchers, friends and relatives along the way. We have spent countless hours poring over files, documents and photos. We have visited and photographed headstones of ancestors across Ontario and up and down the Ottawa, Rideau and St. Lawrence Valleys. We have been diligent in our research to ensure that the information presented in this site can be as accurate as possible.

All photographs and document images are either in '.jpg' or '.pdf' format. To view '.pdf' files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader Click here to install.


The privacy of living family members is important to us and as such information on living individuals will only be available to registered users. Registered users are limited to persons with a relationship in the Weedmark Family History. Register for a user account here and be sure to indicate your connection to the Weedmark Family Tree in the "Notes" section. Approval may take up to 48 hours.


We want to hear from you. We wish this to be a collaborative effort. Any information, photos, documents or first hand information that you can share would be much appreciated. Please use the Suggest function found throughout the site to add or suggest changes to family members. Information can also be contributed by using our Submissions forms. Comments and suggestions for improvement are also welcome.


Most information in this website has been sourced and credit given to those who have supplied photos, documents, articles, dates or information. To these sources, we thank you.

Unfortunately some of the media that we have collected over the years has been used by others without credit being given. When this is done, the link to the original contributer is lost. We have put a great deal of work into creating and maintaining this site. We have offered up any information that we have free of charge. All we ask is that if you are using any media or information found on this site, please give credit where credit is due.

-Bev and Dave Alexander


This website and all information, records, media and documents is free to use and always will be. However if you have found the information in this site useful, please consider making a donation to help offset our cost of providing this site.


THE MYSTERY IS DEBUNKED – by Lloyd Westbrook    In the early 1990’s, my mother, Myra “Muriel” (Weedmark) Westbrook, and I made a trip to the Beachburg, Ontario area, her birth place (June 22, 1910). I was inquisitive about the family history, and one of our Weedmark relatives ...more

McGuigan's Cemetery This cemetery is one of the oldest burying grounds not only along the Rideau River but in Eastern Ontario. It was used for approximately one hundred years between 1800 and 1900. ...more

Victor Kenneth Weidmark1960Oshawa, Durham Count ...
Kenneth David Ford1968Smith Falls, Lanark ...
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Mary Elizabeth Weedmark1911
James Aaron Kinch1930
Herbert Daniel McGonegal1979
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Nelson Alfred Dillabough
Florence May Steacy
Married: 1917Family
Gwynneth Graham
Harvey Roy Weedmark
Married: 1974Family
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People: 4876 (643 Living)
Males: 2484 (50.94%)
Females: 2383 (48.87%)
Unknown: 9 (0.18%)
Families: 1615
Number of Surnames: 1019
Average Lifespan: 68 years 196 days
Photographs: 1876
Earliest Born: Robert Condie
Born: 2 Jul 1681
[Limited to the Weedmark tree]
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