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Newspaper Article
Newspaper Article
First funeral performed at W.J. Hayes Funeral Home in Shawville, QC. 
  13 Feb 2021


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Young, Lepha 
b. 2 Jul 1926   23 Feb 2021
Graham, Harold Roy 
b. 25 Sep 1934   23 Feb 2021
Young, Loretta 
b. 18 Jun 1938  Beachburg, Westmeath Township, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada  23 Feb 2021
Haldane, Jonathan 
b. 8 Feb 1980  Halifax, Nova Scotia  20 Feb 2021
King, Kathy 
b. 10 Jul 1960  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  20 Feb 2021
Bauder, Scott 
   17 Feb 2021

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I1662  Harold Roy Graham  I1651  Loretta Young  10 Jan 1958  23 Feb 2021


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