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England, United Kingdom


Tree: Weedmark Family Tree
Country : Latitude: 52.0190289, Longitude: -0.7704274


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Armstrong, Margaret Creely  Apr 1880England, United Kingdom P-1170127959 Weedmark Family Tree 
2 Armstrong, Robert Anson  Abt 1830England, United Kingdom P-1159866995 Weedmark Family Tree 
3 Collins, John  Nov 1874England, United Kingdom P-758132284 Weedmark Family Tree 
4 Crampton, Mary Ellen  15 Feb 1889England, United Kingdom P-1158504302 Weedmark Family Tree 
5 Franklin, William  Abt 1874England, United Kingdom P-307738198 Weedmark Family Tree 
6 Frankum, Elisha  Apr 1855England, United Kingdom P-1070667669 Weedmark Family Tree 
7 Green, Elsie Ellen "Nellie"  Oct 1887England, United Kingdom P-1159110550 Weedmark Family Tree 
8 Harrington, George  18 Apr 1862England, United Kingdom P-942808172 Weedmark Family Tree 
9 Hickling, Agnes Margaret  England, United Kingdom P-597484230 Weedmark Family Tree 
10 Hill, Donald Richard  1925England, United Kingdom I0344 Weedmark Family Tree 
11 Leaver, Peter  Abt 1790England, United Kingdom P-524076074 Weedmark Family Tree 
12 Pype, Ellen  22 Nov 1873England, United Kingdom P-1289975792 Weedmark Family Tree 
13 Raw, Thomas  Abt 1845England, United Kingdom P-747591906 Weedmark Family Tree 
14 Steele, Edith Emily  1897England, United Kingdom P-390295290 Weedmark Family Tree 

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