Quebec, Canada


Province/State : Latitude: 49.92293545449574, Longitude: -71.806640625


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amesse, Augustin  17 Apr 1840Quebec, Canada P-1156504390
2 Amesse, Celestin  1862Quebec, Canada P-1170230738
3 Amesse, CĂ©lestin  Feb 1898Quebec, Canada P-891635939
4 Amesse, Clara  1895Quebec, Canada P-1170228018
5 Amesse, Elouise  August 1903Quebec, Canada P-891635938
6 Amesse, Ernest  1900Quebec, Canada P-1170228014
7 Amesse, Louisa  1896Quebec, Canada P-1170228016
8 Armstrong, Margaret  2 Mar 1835Quebec, Canada P-1040727349
9 Baldwin, Allen C.  1888Quebec, Canada I0423
10 Baldwin, Annie May  May 1898Quebec, Canada P-369343129
11 Baldwin, Edith  Mar 1891Quebec, Canada I0418
12 Baldwin, George M.  14 May 1882Quebec, Canada I0422
13 Baldwin, Howard Isaac  Jul 1895Quebec, Canada I0419
14 Baldwin, James Alfred  12 Dec 1885Quebec, Canada I0425
15 Baldwin, Nelson  1912Quebec, Canada I0473
16 Baldwin, Pearl  1915Quebec, Canada I0474
17 Baldwin, Philomene J.  Feb 1879Quebec, Canada I0421
18 Baldwin, Sidney E.  1 Mar 1889Quebec, Canada I0424
19 Baldwin, William H.  1878Quebec, Canada I0420
20 Berard, Alphonsine  22 Dec 1866Quebec, Canada P-1151914301
21 Blaney, George  4 Aug 1833Quebec, Canada P-794298075
22 Brown, James Thomas  Abt 1866Quebec, Canada I1332
23 Brown, Mary Jane  19 Jan 1855Quebec, Canada I0408
24 Brown, Sarah Ann  Jun 1869Quebec, Canada I1333
25 Brown, Stella Elizabeth  Mar 1890Quebec, Canada I0471
26 Brown, William  1839Quebec, Canada I1324
27 Brown, William John  Abt 1875Quebec, Canada I1334
28 Buckland, Alice  Quebec, Canada I1051
29 Burns, John  Abt 1835Quebec, Canada I1689
30 Cline, May Ann  1848Quebec, Canada P-1346851286
31 Copping, Margaret  Abt 1839Quebec, Canada I1690
32 DeLorge, Susannah Anna  31 Aug 1790Quebec, Canada P-1346611543
33 Ducharme, Maria Albina Josephine  28 Sep 1871Quebec, Canada P-464238628
34 Dunn, Edward Henry  1849Quebec, Canada I1499
35 Grant, Annie  Jan 1876Quebec, Canada I1323
36 Guay, Juliette  Abt 1895Quebec, Canada P-281349993
37 Hammond, Annie  Abt 1865Quebec, Canada P-243754410
38 Hammond, Emma  8 Aug 1886Quebec, Canada P-243754388
39 Hammond, Jemima  Jul 1873Quebec, Canada P-243754402
40 Hammond, Lancel Lawrence  2 Nov 1888Quebec, Canada P-243754382
41 Hobbs, Anne  Abt 1844Quebec, Canada I1202
42 Hobbs, Hugh  Abt 1847Quebec, Canada I1203
43 Hodgins, Isabella  Quebec, Canada I0743
44 Hodgins, Nina Adelaide  6 Jun 1909Quebec, Canada I1572
45 LaFrance, Joseph  Abt 1831Quebec, Canada I0336
46 Lemieux, Guillame  11 Aug 1858Quebec, Canada P-464238874
47 McCorriston, Agnes  Jan 1852Quebec, Canada I0024
48 McKay, John M.  Abt 1876Quebec, Canada I1356
49 O'Neil, Gordon  Abt 1852Quebec, Canada P-34949519
50 Phillips, Elizabeth Sarah  18 May 1847Quebec, Canada P-987527732

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Hammond, Jemima  1944Quebec, Canada P-243754402
2 Hodgins, Hester L.  1965Quebec, Canada I1538
3 Thompson, Edward Alonzo  1956Quebec, Canada P-369343949


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 McCorriston, Margaret Irvin  1871Quebec, Canada P-1346770781
2 McCorriston, Moses  1871Quebec, Canada I1351


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Smith / Walsh  7 Aug 1912Quebec, Canada F785
2 Walsh / Brownlee  16 May 1942Quebec, Canada F26
3 Wilson / Hobbs  Abt 1866Quebec, Canada F832